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मात्र ₹15 का Penny Share।Q4 में करोड़ों का मुनाफा। Defence और Railway से …



Paramount Communications Ltd, part of the Paramount Cables Group, is one of India’s leading wire & cable manufacturing company.

With over six decades of operations, the group has built up a portfolio spanning a comprehensive range including HV & LV Power Cables, Optical Fiber Cables & other Telecom Cables, Railway Cables, Specialised Cables, Instrumentation & Data Cables, Fire Survival Cables etc.  Paramount Cables has a prestigious clientele that includes government, institutional and major private sector organizations, both national and international, in the Power, Telecom, Railways, I.T. and Communication, Construction, Defence and Space Research sectors amongst others.

Focused on manufacturing excellence, technological advancement and customer satisfaction, Paramount continuously strives to meet & exceed global quality benchmarks and to provide total cabling solutions for its customers.
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