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List of Penny Stocks Under Rs 5 For 2023


List of Penny Stocks Under Rs 5 For 2023


 Penny Stocks Under Rs 5:

Due to the potential for multi-bagger profits, investors are drawn to penny stocks. Penny stocks are high-risk/high-reward plays that may move swiftly in any way. The old saying “go big or go home” still applies, but if you still want to go large, we’ve created a list of the top penny stocks under Rs 5 below.
The best penny stocks under Rs 5 have been compiled in this post for risk-taking investors to add to their watchlists. We discuss the business and important indicators that distinguish these penny stocks in the company description.

A brief portion is devoted to comprehending the study process before we go on to the list.
Research Techniques

Only equities trading between Rs. 5 and Rs. 1 were included in the list. The maximum market capitalization has been set at Rs 1,000 crore. To discourage penny stocks with high debt levels, the debt to equity upper limit was also established to 1.

Additionally, a filer was established with both return ratios (RoCE and RoE) being greater than 1, along with a minimum promoter ownership of 40%.
After being familiar with the criteria, let’s go on to learning about the top stocks under Rs 5 stated in this post.


List of Penny Stocks Under Rs 5

Company Name Industry CMP (Rs. Cr.) Market Cap (Rs. Cr)
Vertex Securities Financial Services 2.48 18.4
Swasti Vinayaka Art & Heritage Corp Ceramics 2.84 25.6
Luharuka Media & Infra NBFC 2.62 24.6
Seacoast Shipping Services Logistcs 4.39 148
Godha Cabcon and Insulation Electric Equipment 3.15 70
Shree Global Tradefin Iron and Steel 4.70 598
Viji Finance NBFC 2.80 23



The trading of penny stocks is quite speculative. Due of their lack of liquidity, they are dangerous. Their bid and ask spreads are often wide, which causes their prices to fluctuate a lot. Pump-and-dump tactics are frequently used with penny stocks.

Some penny stocks do, however, have the potential to provide multi-bagger returns if they are chosen wisely. Which kind of stocks do you favour as an investor? What if we carry on this discussion in the comments section below?

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