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Be sure to buy this stock when it announces the rights issue because the firm has continued to pay out a strong dividend


Right Issue Penny Share


Hatsun Agro Products has been in operation for more than 50 years and has grown to become one of the major producers and distributors of milk and milk goods, ice cream, and other dairy products.

Hatsun Agro Products owns the brand Arun Icecreams. For many years and for a variety of factors, Arun Icecreams has been a client favourite.

Around 73% of the stock is held by the promoter, 8.15% by DII after a rise of 1.53% in the most recent quarter, and 4.17 percent by FII. The promoter holds approximately 73% of the company.

The company’s Board of Directors will meet on December 3 to discuss, deliberate, and make decisions regarding the terms and conditions of the right issue of equity shares, including the determination of the rights issue price, issue size, rights entitlement ratio, record date, and other related matters.

The dividend payout ratio for the company is 59.4%, and the dividend yield is around 0.63 percent. It’s interesting to see that the company still has a strong dividend payment ratio. When compared to the peer group, RoE is among the top at 20.14 percent.

Because of the announcement of the rights offering, this stock may trade soon!

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