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List of Multibagger 80 penny stocks rally up to 1,900% in 2022


List of Multibagger 80 penny stocks rally up to 1,900% in 2022


Despite Dalal Street having a turbulent year, several lesser-known shares gave investors enormous profits. These equities, which were primarily penny stocks, have become multibaggers in 2022.

According to Ace Equity’s research, more than 50 penny stocks have increased in value by more than double and by as much as two thousand percent so far this year. Seven of them had gains of at least 1,000%, and another six saw gains of at least 500%.

There is no established theoretical definition of penny stocks. Stocks with a value of one or less than ten rupees are included in this group, nevertheless. Companies with a market valuation of less than Rs 1,000 crore by the end of 2021 have been taken into consideration in this analysis.

Kaiser Corporation, a trade and distribution company, is at the top of the list after increasing 1,923% so far this year. The stock increased from its closing of Rs 2.79 on December 31, 2021 to Rs 56.45 on December 14, 2022.

Another trading microcap, Hemang Resources, which increased 1,622% throughout the time frame, comes behind it. During the specified time, the stock’s price increased from Rs 3.09 to Rs 53.20.

Alliance Integrated Metaliks, a small-cap metal company, saw a 1,538% increase in value as its stock price rose from Rs 2.71 to Rs 44.30 over the time period under consideration.

Other penny companies that have so far produced returns of up to 10 times in 2022 include Beekay Niryat (997% up), KBS India (1,127% up), Sonal Adhesives (1,087% up), and Ashnisha Industries (1,230% up).

In other words, a one lakh rupee investment made in any of these counters at the end of the previous calendar year would have yielded between 10.97 lakh and 20.32 lakh rupees.

In the past year, the stock prices of Variman Global Enterprises, Madhusudan Securities, Global Capital Markets, Sadhna Broadcast, Shanti Educational Initiatives, and Axita Cotton have increased by 500–700%.

Penny stock performance for the year

Stocks with less than Rs 10 and mcap below Rs 1,000 crore on Dec 31, 2021

Table with 2 columns and 13 rows. Currently displaying rows 1 to 13.
Kaiser Corporation Ltd. 1,923
Hemang Resources Ltd. 1,622
Alliance Integrated Metaliks Ltd. 1,538
Ashnisha Industries Ltd. 1,229
KBS India Ltd. 1,127
Sonal Adhesives Ltd. 1,087
Beekay Niryat Ltd. 997
Variman Global Enterprises Ltd. 706
Madhusudan Securities Ltd. 698
Global Capital Markets Ltd. 696
Sadhna Broadcast Ltd. 655
Shanti Educational Initiatives Ltd. 624
Axita Cotton Ltd. 517

Aside from Swiss Military, other companies that have Game Changer include Yarn Syndicate, Standard Capital, Gallops Enterprises, BLS Infotech, Golechha Global, Infronics Systems, Swadeshi Polytex, United Leasing, Toyam Sports, Cressanda Solutions, Kore Foods, Khoobsurat, Tirupati Tyres, Mid India, Diligent Industries, Greencrest Financial, Adcon Capital, Mefcom Capital, Triveni Glass,

Penny stock performance for the year

(Stocks less than Rs 10 and mcap below Rs 1,000 crore on Dec 31, 2021)

Table with 2 columns and 40 rows. Currently displaying rows 1 to 20.
Yarn Syndicate Ltd. 469
Standard Capital Markets Ltd. 449
Gallops Enterprises Ltd. 413
BLS Infotech Ltd. 408
Golechha Global Finance Ltd. 386
Infronics Systems Ltd. 383
Swadeshi Polytex Ltd. 382
United Leasing & Industries Ltd. 343
Toyam Sports Ltd. 336
Cressanda Solutions Ltd. 314
Kore Foods Ltd. 285
Khoobsurat Ltd. 264
Tirupati Tyres Ltd. 251
Diligent Industries Ltd. 249
Mid India Industries Ltd. 248
Greencrest Financial Services Ltd. 234
Adcon Capital Services Ltd. 218
Mefcom Capital Markets Ltd. 196
Triveni Glass Ltd. 195
Swiss Military Consumer Goods Ltd. 191
Filatex Fashions Ltd. 187
Maximus International Ltd. 166
Dynamic Portfolio Management & Services Ltd. 165
Gilada Finance & Investments Ltd. 162
Arihant Tournesol Ltd. 148
Symbiox Investment & Trading Co Ltd. 138
Colorchips New Media Ltd. 137
Mayur Floorings Ltd. 133
SC Agrotech Ltd. 125
PAOS Industries Ltd 118
SBC Exports Ltd. 115
IL&FS Engineering and Construction Company Ltd. 113
Maharashtra Corporation Ltd. 112
MPS Infotecnics Ltd. 110
Mehta Integrated Finance Ltd. 110
Picturehouse Media Ltd. 109
Minolta Finance Ltd. 104
Magnum Ventures Ltd. 101
Novateor Research Laboratories Ltd. 100
Regency Trust Ltd. 100

Penny stocks often have a low market value and little investor interest, which results in a small number of trades and large price movements.

If the company is founded on weak fundamentals, the volatility “may be a dampener for investors,” she added. “Such stocks are frequently the subject of circular trading, which results in an artificial price increase that may crash suddenly when the trader departs.”

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