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Penny Stocks That Gaining Over 1,000% in 2022 and make Investor Millennium

Penny Stocks That Gaining Over 1,000% in 2022 and make Investor Millennium

 In 2022, the Indian stock market will be in shambles due to rate increases and geopolitical unrest, yet some investors have made billions by buying obscure, low-cost stocks.

In 2022, the BSE Sensex and Nifty50 indices have both increased by more than 7%. Here are seven penny stocks that have increased in value by over 1,000% since the year’s commencement. Penny stocks are often listed for less than Rs 10 and are regarded as the riskiest of all the categories.

Seven businesses that have recorded losses for several quarters and, in some cases, even no income are on the list. Analysts claim that these companies have a special allure for investors due to their low price. Investors who are looking to earn a fast profit sometimes fall victim to these stocks and lose everything. Analysts urge investors to steer clear of these stocks.

Analysts don’t cover any of these penny stock businesses. These firms’ profit information are as follows:

Kaiser Corporation: With a gain of more than 1,959% in 2022, this stock is the most heavily long. Early in 2022, the stock was trading at Rs 2.80; today, it is trading at over Rs 57.

For the second quarter, the firm recorded operational and net losses. Over 50% sequentially and more than 75% annually, revenue decreased. From Rs 5.76 crore in March, its debt increased to Rs 10.43 crore in September. The business prints cartons, periodicals, packaging, and labels.

Alliance Integrated Metaliks: This business manufactures metal items used in towers and bridges. The stock has increased by 1,578% from its year-open price of Rs 2.71 to its current price of almost Rs 45.

The business has seen losses for 22 straight quarters. For the fourth consecutive quarter, revenue decreased. However, because of decreased overall costs, the corporation reported an operational profit for the seventh straight quarter. From Rs 302.17 crore in September, its debt increased to Rs 335.82 crore.

Hemang Resources: This business offers infrastructure-related services in addition to being a supplier of coal. The stock increased 1,612% from the year’s beginning price of Rs 3.09 to Rs 53. This gain was linked to recent debt reduction and a significant uptick in revenue.

In comparison to nil sales a year before, the firm reported revenue of Rs 86.72 crore for the September quarter. It reported earning Rs 68.81 crore in the second quarter. The sixth straight quarter saw a net profit being reported. From Rs 21.59 crore in March 2021, the company’s debt was decreased to Rs 3.39 crore in September.

KBS India: This business offers wealth management services, including guidance on stock market investments and assistance with securities brokerage. Its shares increased by more than 1,378%, from Rs 9.50 at the beginning of the year to Rs 141 today. In 2021, the stock increased by around 140%. In contrast to the Rs 1 lakh recorded a year earlier, the firm claimed a net profit of Rs 39 crore for FY22. Compared to nil during the same time previous year, revenue for the period was Rs 1.86 crore.

Sonal Adhesives: From Rs 9.30 to Rs 136, the stock increased by 1,359%. The business manufactures acrylic adhesives, self-adhesive tapes, and plastic threads. In comparison to Rs 13.07 crore a year earlier, it posted sales of Rs 21.08 crore in the second quarter. From a deficit of Rs. 1.14 lakh to a net profit of Rs. 28 lakh. By September 2022, it will have decreased its debt from Rs 27.06 crore to Rs 3.34 crore.

Beekay Niryat: The stock increased by 1,000% from Rs. 7 at the beginning of the year to Rs. 80 now. The business makes stock investments, deals in jute and jute goods, and offers syndicated loans. In the quarter ending in September, it claimed sales of Rs 2.85 crore as opposed to Rs 19 lakh in the quarter before. It has previously recorded zero revenue for a number of quarters. As of September, it owed around Rs 6 crore in total, down from Rs 67 lakh the previous month.

Ashnisha Industries: From Rs 0.96 to Rs 10, the stock increased by more than 1,000%. For the previous two quarters, the corporation began to declare its revenue. In the September quarter, it claimed sales of Rs. 1.15 crore as opposed to Rs. 53 lakh in the quarter before. In contrast to the previous quarter’s net profit of Rs. 25 lakh, it was just Rs. The business produces steel and offers trade and investment services.

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