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Jackpot Multibagger Penny stock Below 5 Rs : Karodpati Banane Wala Penny Stock

Jackpot Multibagger  penny stock : locked in the upper circuit on 13 January

Shares of Luharuka Media & Infra Ltd rose and achieved an upper price band of Rs 4.54 per share after being stuck in the 20% upper circuit, making it one among the top gainers on the BSE yesterday.

The stock price of the firm has seen a big increase in recent trading, and volume has been rising steadily. There has been some fresh purchasing today as a result of the recent significant share purchases and takeover by “Nitin Bakshi.”

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The financials show that in Q2FY23 compared to Q2FY22, net sales and net profit grew by 59.29% and 20.95%, respectively. In FY22, net sales and net profit grew by 307.09% and 39.48%, respectively, in compared to FY21.

The firm Luharuka Media & Infra Limited (LMIL) provides non-bank financing (NBFC). The business offers a range of loans and works in the financial industry. The business also works in the media and infrastructure sectors. The company’s volume on the BSE increased by more than 3.34 times today.

Market capitalization for LMIL is 30.18 crore. The stock’s 52-week high is Rs. 5.74, while its 52-week low is Rs. 1.85. The company generated multibagger returns of 68.15 percent during the prior year and 115.17 percent in only six months. Investors ought carefully monitor this stock.



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