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One More Penny Stock Added On BSE and Rocks Today Price Only 20 Rs

One More Penny Stock Added On BSE and Rocks Today Price Only 20 Rs

The SVS Ventures Limited has been listed on the platform of BSE SME, the largest SME Exchange in India.

SVS Ventures Limited is a Gujarat-based business with an Ahmedabad registered office. The company’s activities include the creation of residential real estate developments, mostly for the middle- and upper-class demographics, including apartment-style complexes and villas. First Overseas Capital Limited, situated in Mumbai, served as SVS Ventures Limited’s primary manager.

SVS Ventures Limited, a 2015 incorporation, works in the real estate industry. Construction and real estate development projects are undertaken by the corporation, with a primary emphasis on the development of residential and commercial developments.

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Business Sector  Development of residential real estate projects, including apartment buildings and villas, aimed at middle- and high-income groups, is one of the businesses. 

The company’s initiatives are promoted and offered for sale under the SVS Ventures brand.

1) Residential Projects: These include bungalow and villa construction.

2) Commercial Projects: Among these projects is the development of stores and offices for businesses.

Physical Presence SVS Ventures mostly does business in Gujarat’s Ahmedabad region.

Value of completed projects sold

Greens at Siddhi Vinayak – 17 Cr

Elegance by Siddhi Vinayak – 15 Crs.

12 Cr. Vijay Camellia

Complex V.R. – 5 Crs.

6.5 crores for Vijay Era

8 Cr. Sukriti Sapphire

Pearl of Orion, 8 Crs.

Future initiatives Co. currently has one project under development. The proposed commercial development, V Emprea & Commercial, has a developable area of 60,000 square feet and is scheduled for completion in December 2023.

Purchase Contract A business takeover agreement was made in April 2021 between the company and the former proprietory firm M/s Vijay & Co. of Mr. Shashikant Vedprakash Sharma (promoter)

IPO Specifics To cover its working capital needs and for general corporate expenses, the company plans to raise 11.24 Cr through the IPO.



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