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Penny Stocks likely to be in focus today


Penny Stocks likely to be in focus today


For the second day in a row, Indian equity markets ended the day on a high note on Wednesday. Each Nifty and Sensex completed the day with respectable gains of 0.63 percent. Stocks of metal and capital goods were booming on the exchanges.

Today, January 19, 2023, the following penny stocks are probably going to be the subject of attention:

Luharka Media & Infrastructure, there was a strong price-volume break-out in the counter. The stock increased by more than 9% to hit a brand-new 52-week high of Rs 6 per share on the BSE. The business was founded in 1981 and operates as a non-banking non-deposit finance company (NBFC), which engages in the financial industry and offers a range of loans.

 Fone4 Communications (India), Only buyers could be observed in the Fone4 Communications (India) counter as the stock locked at a 10% upper circuit, reaching an intraday high of Rs 8.19 a share on the BSE. In the previous five trading sessions, the stock’s rise exceeded 45%. The business is the top multi-brand retail chain in South India, selling electronics, accessories, and mobile phones from both domestic and foreign manufacturers.

The list of penny stocks with volume breakouts that saw significant buying during today’s session is as follows:

The stock may see some excitement as the record date of the appropriate Issue approaches. This small-cap stock provides a 1:1 rights issue.       

Penny Stocks  LTP  Price Gain (%) Volume Change (Times) 
GCM Capital Advisors 4.5 20 7
Trescon 12.97 19.98 4
Crane Infrastructure 14.6 19.98 4
Diksha Greens 3.11 9.12 3
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