Home Share Market Market is in Red, but these 3 Small-Cap stocks are Trending

Market is in Red, but these 3 Small-Cap stocks are Trending

Market is in Red, but these 3 Small-Cap stocks are Trending

 The benchmark S&P BSE 250 SmallCap Index started trading in the negative on Thursday with a decline of more than 0.70 percent. It reached its day high on Wednesday at 3,781.32.

These are the top 3 firms in the same sector that exceeded the benchmark index and gained more than 5% today.

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Today on the BSE, shares of Johnson Controls-Hitachi Air Conditioning India Ltd were trading up more than 8%. The stock began on Wednesday at Rs 1,205 per share and finished on Tuesday at Rs 1,197.90. After the increase, shares reached their day high today at Rs 1,315. The stock’s 52-week high was Rs 2,270.95, and its 52-week low is Rs 1,051. Currently, institutional and non-institutional ownership in the firm is 12.60% and 13.15%, respectively, with the promoters owning 74.25 percent of the company.

TCNS Clothing Co Ltd is a current top competitor. On the BSE, shares were trading more than 7% higher throughout the day. The stock peaked today at Rs 499.15 after starting the day at Rs 470 a share. TCNS Clothing Co. Limited’s 52-week high is Rs. 876.45, while its 52-week low was Rs. 431.60. The promoters own around 32.21 percent of the firm, while institutional and non-institutional investors each control 21.34 and 46.45 percent of the company, respectively.

Today’s top gainer number two, ITI Limited, soared by 6%. The stock started off at 100 rupees and reached its day’s high at 105.85 rupees. The shares reached a closing price of Rs 97 on Tuesday. The 52-week high of the stock is Rs. 129.50, while the 52-week low was Rs. 80.35. Nowadays, institutional and non-institutional ownership of the firm is 7.78% and 2.03%, respectively, with the promoters owning around 90.17% of the company.

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