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A Hidden IT Penny Stock In Form – Back-to-back upper circuit


A Hidden IT Penny Stock In Form - Back-to-back upper circuit

In this Article we read about A Hidden IT Penny Stock In Form – Back-to-back upper circuit. Brightcom Group Limited shares are now trapped in the upper circuit. The stock has been trapped in the upper circuit for the previous nine trading sessions, increasing more than 50% with an increase in share volumes moved. Brightcom Group Limited shares have also given multibagger returns to owners over the previous three years. During this time, shares of Brightcom Group Limited increased from Rs 2.40 on May 20, 2020 to Rs 14.90 on May 15, 2023, representing a 521 percent rise over the previous three-year holding period. The firm is a component of the S&P BSE SmallCap Index.


Brightcom Group Ltd (previously Lycos Internet Ltd) was founded in 2010 and provides digital marketing solutions to businesses, agencies, and web publishers globally.

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On a consolidated basis, the company’s net sales climbed by 41% year on year to Rs 2,865 crore in Q3FY23. In Q3FY23, the bottom line improved by 46.43 percent year on year to Rs 544 crore. The business now has a TTM PE of 2.23x and an industry PE of 27.97x. In FY22, the firm earned ROCE and ROE of 29.42% and 21.33%, respectively. With a market value of Rs 3,039 crore, the firm belongs to Group A stocks.


The stock began at Rs 16.60 on Monday, with a high and low of Rs 16.60 and Rs 16.60. On the BSE, the company has a 52-week high of Rs 69.85 and a low of Rs 9.27.

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