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SBI Q4 Result – Net Profit Jumps 83% And 11.30 Rs Dividend


State Bank Of India Q4 2023 Result

SBI Q4 Result  आ चूका है और  कंपनी का मुनाफा 83 परसेंट बढ़ा और प्रॉफिट रहा 16695 करोड़ का हुआ.

SBI Q4 Result - Net Profit Jumps 83% And 11.30 Rs Dividend

SBI announce Quarter 4 Result. SBI Q4 Result – Net Profit Jumps 83% And 11.30 Rs Dividend

SBI Q4 Result Highlights

SBI Q4 Result


  • • Net Profit for FY23 crosses ₹ 50,000 crores and stands at ₹ 50,232 crores witnessing a
    growth of 58.58% YoY, while Net Profit for Q4FY23 grew by 83.18% to ₹ 16,695 crores.
  • • Operating Profit for FY23 grew by 11.18% YoY to ₹ 83,713 crores; while OperatingProfit for Q4FY23 grew by 24.87% YoY to ₹ 24,621 crores.
    • Bank’s ROA and ROE for the financial year stand at 0.96% and 19.43% respectively.
    • ROA at 1.23% for the quarter improved by 49 bps YoY.
    • Net Interest Income (NII) for FY23 increased by 19.99% YoY.
    • Domestic NIM for FY23 increased by 22 bps YoY to 3.58%, while Domestic NIM for
    Q4FY23 increased by 44 bps YoY to 3.84%.

Balance Sheet

• Credit growth at 15.99% YoY with Domestic Advances growing by 15.38% YoY.
• Foreign Offices’ Advances grew by 19.55% YoY.
• Domestic Advances growth driven by Retail Personal Advances (17.64% YoY) followed
by SME Advances which grew by 17.59% YoY.
• Xpress Credit loans cross ₹ 3 lakh crores.
• Agri and Corporate loans registered YoY growth of 13.31% and 12.52% respectively.
• Whole Bank Deposits grew at 9.19% YoY, out of which CASA Deposit grew by 4.95%
YoY. CASA ratio stands at 43.80% as on 31st March 23.

Asset Quality
• Gross NPA ratio at 2.78% down by 119 bps YoY.
• Net NPA ratio at 0.67% down by 35 bps YoY.
• Provision Coverage Ratio (PCR) at 76.39% improved by 135 bps YoY, PCR (Incl.
AUCA) improved by 171 bps YoY and stands at 91.91%.
• Slippage Ratio for FY23 improved by 34 bps YoY and stands at 0.65%, while Slippage
Ratio for Q4FY23 stands at 0.41%.
• Credit Cost for FY23 improved by 23 bps YoY to 0.32%, while Credit Cost for Q4FY23
at 0.16% improved by 33 bps YoY.
Capital Adequacy
• Capital Adequacy Ratio (CAR) as at the end of FY23 improved by 85 bps YoY and stands
at 14.68%.

Alternate Channels

• 64% of SB accounts and 35% of retail asset accounts acquired digitally through YONO.
• Share of Alternate Channels in total transactions increased from ~95% in FY22 to ~97%
in FY23.
Key Sum

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