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Penny Stocks that Locked in upper circuit on 11 July 2023


Penny Stocks that Locked in upper circuit on 11 July 2023

In this article we read about 10 Penny Stocks that Locked in upper circuit on 11 July 2023. US equities gained at the close of trading on Monday, making up for last week’s losses. Investors were happy to learn from Federal Reserve members’ comments that the central bank may be nearing the end of its tightening phase.

Insights into price pressures and their impact on the Fed’s interest rate strategy will be revealed in the upcoming consumer prices report, which is keenly anticipated. The S&P 500 increased by 0.24 percent, the Nasdaq Composite increased by 0.18 percent, and the Dow Jones Industrial Average increased by 0.62 percent.

HDFC Life, Bajaj Finance, and Bajaj Finserv are the top gainers in the Nifty 50, whilst UPL, Hero Motocorp, and Wipro are the top losers in this index.

There were 1426 companies whose stock prices went up, compared to 411 companies whose stock prices went down, indicating that market sentiment overall is favorable.

On July 10, shares with a total value of Rs 588.48 crore were purchased by foreign institutional investors (FII), while shares with a total value of Rs 288.38 crore were purchased by domestic institutional investors (DII).

The following is a list of Penny Stocks that entered the upper circuit on July 11, 2023 and were locked in:

Company Name LTP / Close Circuit Limit %
Spentex Industries Ltd 1.89 5
Kuber Udyog Ltd 2.1 5
Mega Corp Ltd 2.73 5
Fourth Generation Information Systems Ltd 3.36 5
Rathi Steel And Power Ltd 4.41 5
Janus Corporation Ltd 4.64 4.98
Natural Biocon (India) Ltd 8.03 4.97
Sumeet Industries Ltd 2.54 4.96
Mipco Seamless Rings Gujarat Ltd 8.47 4.96
Suncity Synthetics Ltd 6.36 4.95


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