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Hello everyone I am Founder & CEO of “Procapital Akash”.

In this platform you will get “stock market knowledge” “stock market updates” “stock market latest news” “stock market tips” “stock market fundamental analysis” “stock market technical analysis” “stock market charts” “stock market for beginners” “stock market in Hindi” “stock market related guidance” etc…

This Platform is only for education and knowledge purpose My Purpose = protect retail investors and improve awareness among them related to stock market. I am not a SEBI registered . I am just keeping my point of view about stock market and shares. Hence before taking any decision consult or discuss with u r financial Advisor .THANK U 🙂 

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ProcapitalAkash is one of the best-known sources of financial information on the internet. Started with the sole objective of building a bright financial future for our viewers. We will help viewers to achieve their Financial goals with effective and smart investment planning. Get Latest Update On Penny Stocks, High Dividend Paying Stock.

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