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Multibagger stock turns ₹1 lakh to ₹60 lakh in 4 years – ₹1.3 to ₹78.75

Sanmit Infra stock price

One of the multibagger stocks on the Indian stock market is Sanmit Infra Shares. A clear illustration of how a long-term investor might profit and anticipate a massive return on investment is the small-cap stock with a market valuation of around 1240 crore. This small-cap multibagger stock has increased about 5,900% in the past four years, going from a price of $1.31 per share to a current price of $78.50.

History of Sanmit Infra’s stock price

This small-cap stock has generated an almost 8% return over the last month, while during the past six months, it has increased from around 42 to 78.75 levels, registering an approximately 90% increase. Sanmit Infra’s share price has produced a multibagger return for its owners so far this year (YTD), returning more than 160% to them. After rising by close to 190% in 2022, this small-cap stock twice owners’ money in the previous year.

The multibagger stock has increased from around $1.31 per share to values of $78.50 per share during the past four years, giving its stockholders a return of almost 5,900%.

Influence on investment

Using the Sanmit Infra share price history as a guide, an investor would have made a profit of $1.08 for every $1 invested in this small-cap firm one month ago. An investor would have received a return of 11.90 lakh today if they had invested 1 lakh in this multibagger stock six months ago. An investor would have received 2.60 lakh now if they had invested 1 lakh in this stock at the beginning of 2022.

Similarly, if an investor had put one lakh rupees into this multibagger stock about four years ago, the one lakh rupee would have grown to sixty lakh rupees now, assuming the investor had stayed invested in the counter for the duration of this lengthy period.

A small-cap firm with a BSE listing recently told the BSE exchange that, in addition to its bulk operations, it has begun supplying bitumen in drum packaging in Orissa. As the rainy season has ended, bitumen business has also gotten underway. We have begun getting orders for bitumen, and it expects to generate around 4 crores in revenue per month from December 22 to March 23.

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